Sunday, 29 January 2012

A beginning...

Let me start by making it very clear that this is not a blog to show how wonderful we are, what a good job we're doing as parents and how we have it all sussed.  We most emphatically do not.   As I write this, my children have just been put to bed following a day where we only bothered to change out of pyjamas after lunch because we needed to get some food before the shop closed. We watched so much Cbeebies I had to endure 'Justin's House' twice.  We are no better or worse than any other family.
Sometimes, though, there are moments, hours or entire days of such wonder and beauty I almost forget to breathe.  Yesterday, we walked in the footsteps of our Gods on the shores of Llyn Tegid.  We made offerings and sang the Awen, we watched our eldest son suck three drops of lake water off of his thumb and pretend to be Gwion Bach.  We are a Druid family.  I know there are other such families out there with young children; there are none in our immediate locality.  In sharing some of our own ideas, successes and failures I hope to encourage others to share theirs with us.   Maybe we can learn from each other.


  1. Great beginning Kristal, I wish we'd had this kind of resource available when we were bring up our four.

    Good luck with the journey
    Chris xxx

  2. Brilliant! I'll be a regular visitor, and looking forward to Imbolc this week! xxx

  3. lovely blog kristal...look forward to your postings! ;0)...the best parents are the ones that don't follow books on 'how to' hehe ;0) give them love and beautiful landscapes - that to me sounds a great way to bring up your boys x