Thursday, 2 February 2012

Blessings of Imbolc/Gwyl Ffraid

Just a quick one today to share a few photos, very tired and very full of cold but we had a lovely day.  We went on an expedition to find lambs and snowdrops with Gethin's friends H and E.   We should definitely have more winter picnics! We kept it simple, lit a few candles and said a few words but mostly had fun and looked for signs of the changing season. It was a long walk for little legs, but eventually we discovered lambs and enjoyed a few flakes of snow.

Our gradually evolving seasonal altar:

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  1. i've never known devon to be so cold, bitter winters in essex were the norm but down here it is -10. glad you braved it and had a lovely time in the country and with the lambs...hiding in the tree is a great photo ;0)xx