Friday, 17 February 2012

Sometimes, plastic tat rules.

I made a confession yesterday; I like things that are kitsch and silly and just a bit tacky.  Not all the time, we like lovely wooden toys and handmade things, chickens and bees and wholesome country living and all that kind of thing.  Sometimes though, I see something so delightfully, whimsically... shit that I just have to have it.

Take these guys, for example.  Some serious spellcasting going on here:

And my favourite recent find; because every child should have plastic action figures depicting their gods, check out the pure awesomeness that is Gwyn Ap Nudd, the Schleich version:
Well OK, apparently it's the elven lord something or other according to Schleich, but what do they know?


  1. yay!! that is fab! my littlies have a world of princesses and knights and dragons, and they tell stories with them, no electronic interferrence telling you what story to play, but their own imaginations, keep it going.

  2. I love finding old and generally plastic, cheap toys- kitch is cool ;0)
    i do love the way children, especially young ones see past cost and value instead they see just fun and fill their imagination with playful ideas- sophia often sits playing with a mix of toys that usually wouldnt be put together but to her it works- my two ornament rabbits where in her pirate ship walking the plank!...hehe ;0)x